Who is John T Davis?

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I’ve been a professional musician most of my life.  I play the Hammond B3 organ, piano and synthesizer.  I also sing, write music and perform on stage.

I dabble at art, philosophize about life and love to reiterate my thoughts and life stories, be it through music, paint brush or pen.

My choice of instruments?  It’s said the only organ that sounds better than a Hammond B3 Organ with ONE Leslie Tone Cabinet is a Hammond B3 Organ with TWO or more Leslie Tone Cabinets.   I don’t know whether I chose the Hammond B3 or it chose me but I really enjoy playing those 25 bass foot pedals.

Born in Virginia in 1945 and moving to Canada in 1970, I’ve had the privilege of being inspired and influenced by many different music styles, some great musicians, instrumentalists and vocalists.  I love to play, sing and write songs. I also thrive on learning, teaching and talking about music. It’s a part of my spiritual being.

“Glory Man, A Love Song For The People”, released in 2008, is one of my CD’s.  Glory Man was my first attempt at writing a song. It was actually written in the summer of  ’72, motivated by the war in Viet Nam and inspired by the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

Thanks for listening and caring.

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